Julie Meneret, founder of Julie Meneret Contemporary, is an art advisor specialized in the emerging art scene and has the desire to share her passion with her clientele in order to build remarkable art collections. Before she moved to New York City from France in 2009, Julie received an education in business and law from the finest French business school, HEC Paris, and law school, Paris II Assas.  

She has a strong expertise in contemporary art, both as a collector and former art gallery owner in New York City. Under Julie’s watch, Julie Meneret gallery, located on the Lower East Side, exhibited the work of international artists including Frédéric Nauczyciel, whose work has been acclaimed at Centre Pompidou in Paris in 2013. 

Julie Meneret is an active supporter of the emerging art scene and is involved in several not-for-profit art organizations. In addition to being a member of ICP's Exhibitions Committee, she is an active patron at Aperture Foundation and a member of the Watermill Center Byrds Committee.