Dare to be at the center of Art...


Julie Meneret founded Le Salon with the strong desire of creating a unique experience that centers around art and social interaction in order to support the vibrant emerging art scene. Le Salon hosts exclusive events in unique art settings in New York and Paris under the patronage of the most promising artists of the new generation and top-notch art insiders.

By reviving the French salons, Julie Meneret gathers people who want to connect with a diverse crowd of successful New Yorkers and Parisians so they can meet at the heart of contemporary creation. Le Salon’s guests are able to learn, discuss and develop strong relationships with the most powerful actors of today’s art market, giving them the tools to start or expand their own collections as well as foresee the art market trends.

Le Salon dinner parties are orchestrated by accomplished chefs who are committed to share the French art de vivre. Sharing fine food and wines while having enthralling discussions with eclectic people creates unparalleled and memorable experiences; a fulfilling and artsy digression in the hectic pace of the city life. 

Le Salon events are by invitation only. 


Le Salon is dedicated to the new generation of artists.


Fostering creativity and shaping tomorrow's art scene by supporting young and promising artists is critical, especially in an art market where the competition has become extremely fierce. Le Salon aims to expand artists’ exposure and open doors to new opportunities and new encounters with leading collectors and actors of the art market.

Julie Meneret has been a long-time supporter of the emerging art scene. She has been committed to supporting young artists early on through the gallery she ran on the Lower East Side, her practice as an art advisor, her collection, and her philanthropic endeavors.






A French Art de vivre brought to New York artsy dinner parties.


Building a bridge between Paris and New York, Le Salon is committed to sharing with its guests the best of the French culture.

Under Julie's initiative, Le Salon dinner parties are orchestrated by accomplished chefs who bring to Le Salon's guests the finest French food and wines.

Join us for exclusive, chic, intimate, and artsy dinners!


Connecting with eclectic people in New York and Paris.


By reviving the French salons, Julie Meneret gathers a diverse crowd of New Yorkers and Parisians who want to connect at the heart of contemporary creation. 

Le Salon's guests are able to develop lasting affinities with successful peers as well as leading actors of today's art market. 

In Paris or New York, connect with eclectic guests from various backgrounds around a talented artist in exclusive and intimate settings (art studios, art galleries, art museums, private collection home...).